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There are more than 500,000 teller jobs in the United States, although this number is expected to shrink slightly within the next 10 years. Tellers are generally the first people that banking customers encounter when they enter a financial institution. These jobs can be found all over the country, and both part-time and full-time positions are readily available.

Duties of Tellers

The duties associated with teller jobs include processing financial transactions for customers, such as cashing checks, making bank deposits and accepting mortgage, installment loan and utility payments. In addition, they are responsible for balancing their cash drawer at the end of the shift, communicating with customers, maintaining accurate bank records of the transactions they process, load and balance ATM machines, performing clerical tasks, and selling travelers checks and cashiers checks.

Qualifications for Teller Jobs

Most financial institutions require that tellers have a high school diploma or the equivalent. Training is generally done on the job as each bank has unique procedures. A background check is typically done on applicants before hiring, since they are handling large amounts of money. Successful applicants generally have good communication skills, work well with other people and have good general math skills. English as a first language is usually preferred, although in somehaving a second language, such as Spanish or French, can be an asset.

Compensation for Bank Tellers

The average annual salary for a bank teller is $28,110, although this figure varies considerably by region of the country, the individual institution and the tellers education and experience. Most full-time teller jobs include benefits, such as health insurance, paid vacation days, sick days and some type of retirement plan. Tellers may have good promotion prospects, with branch manager and more senior roles often being available to suitable candidates.

Bank teller jobs in the United States are plentiful, relatively secure and offer flexible hours and good benefits. Such jobs can be found in most U.S. cities, at banks, credit unions, and savings and loan institutions.

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